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Tree Felling

When trees become a nuisance to your security it is time to fell. Often times branches fall onto an electric fence not only tripping the alarm but resulting in incurred costs of repairing the fence.

When boundary walls begin to crack, neighbours complain about imposing branches or the nightmare of removing leaves from your pool!Reach out to us for peace of mind, knowing you have an experienced and INSURED team on the job!

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One need not spend a fortune on beautifying your living space. There is an option to suit every budget. We have great suppliers that ensure quality, variety & affordability when it comes to plants, lawn & resources for our grand projects.

We specialise is laying of instant lawn – Kikuyu, Buffalo, Berea & Cynodin at very competitive pricing.

Let us work with you in turning your garden into an Eden!

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Pressure Cleaning

Often times people forget the true colour of their paving due to years of seeing the same dark and dull colour. Roof tiles are commonly over looked when maintaining ones home, yet a dirty roof is quite an eye sore!

At Garden Green we use only STIHL equipment to ensure efficiency when undertaking a project, we have a fantastic supplier of environmentally friendly chemicals to assist in dealing with hard-to-remove stains on paving and roofs.

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Telescopic Window Washing

Have difficult to reach windows, glass or solar panels? We have the reach!

At Garden Green we use a Telescopic Carbon-Fibre Pole and de-ionised water to effectively clean windows as high as 12m.

With no need for scaffolding or harnesses, this option is more cost effective, simple & quick.

No scratches, no soap, no fuss!

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Garden Maintenance

At Garden Green we put a lot of emphasis & care when dealing with both commercial & private properties. We spend 60% more time on properties as compared to an average garden service!

Much more focus is given to pruning, aerating, raking & cutting. Once more all equipment used is STIHL and petrol operated ensuring the teams are effective and efficient. Maintenance includes removal of refuse and use of both selective & non selective herbicides in dealing with pesky weeds on lawn and paving.Try us!

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Planters Stones & Paving

At Garden Green we have truly fantastic suppliers of the highest quality and calibre.

We supply and deliver a fantastic range of

-Fibre-cement planters in a range of contemporary shapes, colours, sizes & design.

-Packaged Washed Duzzi Stone & River Pebbles in a variety of colours & sizes to suit every landscaping project.

– Weight-bearing high quality pavers for driveways, lawn-edging and walkways.

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Site Clearance

At Garden we undertake both small & large clearance projects, from complete overhauling residential properties to clearing bush & vacant land. 

At Garden we undertake both small & large clearance projects, from complete overhauling residential properties to clearing bush & vacant land.  We make use of earthmoving equipment if and when necessary in clearing a yard for landscaping, construction, fencing or greater security.Reach out to us for a free, obligation free quote!