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if your lawn is completely weed ridden, extremely patchy (in shady areas) or too many varieties of lawn coexisting. Also if you’re looking to brighten up your garden, instant lawn is the most effective option!

Lawn is poorly maintained, cut too short, often dried out by brush cutters or not watered frequently or dressed. A variety of methods may be used to remove weeds and care for lawn, reach out to us for more info!

pricing varies and depends on extent of work and size of property. However one can save a lot of time, stress & money through use of the right maintenance team!

Garden Green often assist with insurance claims, specifically insurers we are partnered with. When a tree poses a threat to one’s home, phone line or security insurance companies assist.

If Brush cutters (the noisy machine used to cut grass) are operated correctly, held in the right direction, used with care and a careful eye. Damage can be reduced to a minimum.

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